Before you start looking at abuse in A Thousand Splendid Sun, you have to remember women are treated differently by men in the Afghanculture.

As I got more in depth with this book, I noticed things that were not “normal” in a marriage or intimate relationship. After Nana died, Mariam was a burden to Jalil because he had to start taking care of her. She also had to move in all of the sudden; he was not use to this and did not like it. Jalil wanted to get rid of Mariam really fast so therefore he found someone for her to marry quick to get her out of his hair.  Everything seems to be going well with Mariam and Rasheed when their marriage starts. He has a good job and makes enough money to live comfortably. He was picked for Mariam and she didn’t have a choice to be with him or not. In this time things were a lot different than they are nowadays, husbands were picked for you and you had no choice as if this was the person that you wanted to be with.  Not long into their marriage, things started to change.  Rasheed got mean and didn’t seem to care much about Mariam.

Rasheed wanted a son very bad, because he had lost his other son, and Mariam could not seem to get pregnant and go full term with his child.  There are several factors that could have played into this (Hosseini 91). This is when the abuse really starts to get bad because Rasheed wasn’t happy that she could not have his child. Many other things happened that make you have a strong dislike for Rasheed

Many would be surprised to know that 1 in 4 women are abused by their partner, but many of these are not reported. These situation are a lot more prominent than what people think Abuse is still very common in Afghan culture.  

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